Brandz Wraps Design 4 Automotive Audi RS6

July 11, 2013

We were approached by Shiv at Design 4 Automotive, he was taking a week trip to the legendary car event in Austria Worthersee, and he wanted to make an impact, so it was up to Ross at Zahoot to come up with some ideas, after trying a few different things Ross and Shiv decided on one of the designs.

American Police Car, we know what your thinking that its been done before but its never been done on a beast like this RS6, the car has been remapped and is now 750bhp, the interior has been re upholstered by the famous MJ Interiors.

If you visited Ultimate Dubs 2013 you would have seen shiv’s car on the Design 4 Automotive stand, where it was launched, Jags Body Shop did all the prep and paint work and shiv didn’t want to damage any of the paintwork on the 13 hour drive to Worthersee, so by wrapping it he gets to make a big impact and protect his paintwork. after making some tweaks to the design Shiv and Ross were happy, the car was dropped of to us and the work started, we had to do a complete strip on front bumper, front and rear lights and some of the trim on the outside. We decided to go with Matt as the Gloss has been done allot and shiv always wanted a matt black car.

The words on the car have been changed, so instead of law enforcement, we changed it to Low Enforcement ( Design 4 Automotive being the main Accuair Distributor in the UK and Europe). The shield we went with Worthersee Tour 2013, and Design 4 Automotive logo in the middle. We had a really good time with this project from design to the actual wrap, Our customer is happy with the end result and so are we. Look out for the small promo video that we have done which should be out in the next few weeks.