Brandz Wraps Van For Barracuda Networks

October 3, 2013

Commercial business wraps are getting more common, business have realised that there commercial vehicles are a ideal platform to use for advertising, Barracuda Networks wanted a vehicle wrap done on 2 of the vans that would market there business, as we know Barracuda Networks offers industry-leading solutions designed to solve mainstream IT problems. there attension to detail in there work needed to come across on the design and quility of wrap, Brandz was chossen from companys all over the UK. With Help from Zahoot our sister company, The design was created for there vans, and what a design it is.

The design of the wrap consists of carbon effect background with blue swirls and the barracuda logos, the design will definatly make the van and the company stand out on the road.

It took us a day to strip and clean the whole car, all the headlights and rear lights, the side trims, the door handles and the mirrors.

the wrap was done in 4 stages. Sides, Front, Rear, Roof.

On these wraps we have decided to partner up with Arlon there high quility of material was just right for this job.

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