Carbon fibre (or carbon fiber as it’s spelt in the US) can positively transform the look of any vehicle be it a car or commercial vehicle. Carbon fibre wrap from Brandz benefits from a beautiful woven effect and has a premium satin finish.

Fully trained and experienced technicians
Brandz benefits from fully trained and experienced technicians to take care of the installation of your carbon fibre wrap. With our technicians on hand, you can be sure that the workmanship, quality and durability will exceed the industry standard.

Not just a print pattern like other carbon fibre wraps
Some of the cheaper carbon fibre wraps on the market are simply patterns printed on to film designed to give you the basic look. However, real carbon fibre has a unique texture. That’s why carbon fibre wraps from Brandz benefits from both the same look and texture as real carbon fibre to give your car a much more realistic impact. The beauty of having a texture built-in to the carbon fibre wrap is that the light hits the carbon wrap in exactly the same way as the real thing; thus providing you with the ultimate carbon fibre solution.

Protect and extend the life of your paintwork
A carbon fibre wrap covers and protects your paintwork against scratches, blemishes, dust, dirt, industrial fallout and other road deposits that can attack and age the original paint surfaces. So, not only do carbon fibre wraps look great, they also protect your original paintwork.

Can be removed easily if you’re looking to sell, etc.
The beautiful thing about a carbon fibre wrap (or any car wrap for that matter) is that it can be easily removed to restore the original paintwork of the car without any damage to the paint or the car whatsoever. The ability to remove the wrap at anytime is great for when you’re looking to sell or hand the car back after a lease, etc.

We can wrap panels or the entire vehicle in carbon fibre
With a carbon fibre wrap, you don’t have to wrap the entire car to make an impact. To make a panel stand out or to add contrast, we can wrap specific panels in carbon fibre, for example, bonnets, roofs and wing mirrors.

Speak to us about carbon fibre wraps
Want to find out more about our quality carbon fibre wraps including pricing and how we can transform your car with carbon fibre? Contact Brandz on 0121 400 2972 or email us for more information.