Transform the colour of your car

A colour change vinyl wrap from Brandz is a great way to transform the colour and overall look of your car. We’ve an extensive catalogue of available colours, textures, patterns and finishes to provide you with a colour change wrap that’s truly yours.

Costs less than a re-spray

Ever though about changing the colour of your car but thought it’s too expensive? A colour change wrap from brandz could cost a fraction of a re-spray and it’s quicker too.

Quickly revert to the original colour

Leasing your car or want to return to the original colour when you sell? No problem! If you wrap your car in the colour of your choice, you can always remove the wrap before handing back or selling the car. Removing the wrap won’t damage the car nor will it affect the paint.

Wrap Colours Available

Gloss Colours:

Red, Blue, Green, Yellow, Orange, Grey, Purple, Black & White

Matte Colours:

Red, Blue, Green, Yellow, Orange, Grey, Purple, Black & White

Speciality Colours:

  • Brushed Steel/Aluminium
  • Black Brushed Steel
  • Sparkle Black
  • Leather Effect Black/Orange
  • Snake Skin Effect
  • Crocodile Skin Effect
  • Carbon Fibre
  • Black Carbon Fibre – matte and gloss finish
  • Anthracite (dark silver) Carbon Fibre
  • White Carbon Fibre
  • Silver Carbon Fibre
  • Red Carbon Fibre
  • Green Carbon Fibre
  • Blue Carbon Fibre
  • Yellow Carbon Fibre
  • Chrome Carbon Fibre
  • Gold Carbon Fibre

Many more colours available, if you are looking for something specific, please contact us with your requirements

Vinyl colour change car wraps are deemed a temporary colour change by the DVLA, which means that unlike a re-spray, there’s no need to tell the DVLA about your colour change!