Ever wanted to remove chrome trim from your car or vehicle without causing damage? Ever wanted to remove chrome from your car without spending money on an expensive solution? Well now you can! Dechroming from Brandz may be the perfect solution.

What is dechroming?

Dechroming is the process of hiding, covering or coating a chrome with vinyl. The most common colour chosen for dechroming is matt black; however you can choose whichever colour you choose!

What’s better dechroming or painting?

The problem with painting over chrome surfaces is that any chips can ruin the finish and re-expose the chrome underneath.

Dechroming from Brandz is must more robust than paint and won’t chip, so you can rest assured that you’ll maintain the finish you like for longer than with paint. Not only is dechroming tougher than paint, it’s often cheaper than painting over the chrome too. In a nutshell, dechroming is the better choice if you’re looking for a great finish that’s designed to last.

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