Fleet Graphics: What You Need

April 23, 2015

It’s fair to say we know a thing or two about fleet wrapping. Brandz have done a lot of wraps for cars and vans for businesses looking to impress, stand out from the crowd, and tell the world all they can about their businesses in the fleeting glances people will get of their vehicles as they drive by.

But simply having a wrap isn’t enough. While anything that moves away from standard paint jobs will help catch the eye within traffic, there are several pitfalls that are fairly easy to fall into. So we decided to compile a list of the things you definitely want on your wraps, while advising on what you should avoid.


Wrapped Car

This sounds very obvious, and 99% of people won’t miss it out. But precaution has to be taken to ensure that your company name isn’t lost in the shuffle. We have seen people come in with elaborate designs, that do indeed look good, but it overpowers the basic message – “who are you”?

The name should be highly visible, from all sides of the vehicle, and not surrounded by graphics that will distract from it.


Similarly, if you use a logo, it should be just a visible and smartly placed as a name. In fact, the usage of a logo changes the tip above a little. If the logo doesn’t clearly feature the name, put the name below it in clear text, just incase people don’t recognise the logo straight away (like how most people will recognise “The Golden Arches” as McDonald’s, but they still include the name underneath).


If the logo does feature the name, it is still good practice to place the company name somewhere in clear text also. This is usually done on the rear, near any contact information. Speaking of which…

Contact Information

The purpose of most fleet vans is to get across a lasting impression quickly. This is why whole body wraps are becoming more common, as they can impact on people visually quicker than a small graphic on the door. But it’s also worth noting that fleet vehicles spend an awful lot of time in traffic or parked, so having contact information on there is vital. An address, a phone number and a website/email will suffice, and they should be displayed in a clear font (once again, this info is usually displayed on the back door).


Brandz American Idol

This is where body wrapping comes into it’s own. Now, the extent of your graphics could be something as simply as having a vibrant, “out there” colour, that will pop against all of the other standard coloured cars on the road. This is a perfectly valid choice – it’s eye catching, but can be kept subtle if the customer wishes.

Alternatively, however, why not go for something elaborate? Check out this picture of a DHL van – it is a great use of quirky graphics to aid in eye catching. You may not want something as crazy as this, but displaying a picture, or a piece of graphic art, will mean that nobody will be missing you on on the roads!


Image Credits

American Idol: http://upload.wikimedia.org/wikipedia/commons/8/80/American_Idol_Vehicle_Wrap.jpg