Rolls Royce white wrap

July 11, 2013

Brandz was chosen to wrap a Rolls Royce Phantom by a wedding hire car company. We were given a 4 day deadline as the car was booked for weddings and needed to be white in colour. The owner informed us that he had been quoted 3 week turnaround by body shops for the car to be painted. We received the car on the Monday morning and started to strip the car, the rear lights, front lights, all the indicators and sidelights, wing mirrors and door handles were taken of the car. Then the car was cleaned, and then cleaned again.

The photographs below show how Brandz wraps a car:

The Phantom was wrapped using a white gloss vinyl. As this was a wedding car we had to do the door shuts between the 2 main doors.

All the panels on the car were wrapped using single pieces of vinyl so there would be no joins apart from the roof. This was wrapped in 3 stages because the width of the vinyl is 1370mm and the width of the Phantom is allot more meaning there would have to be a join on the roof.

This is how the original vehicle looks before Brandz got to work on it.

We finished the car on Friday morning at 4.30am, so we could drop the car to the customer at 10 am in time for it to be cleaned and go to a wedding at 12pm.