Brandz are specialists in vinyl roof wrapping of many different types of vehicles including cars, vans and more.

Unlimited range of colours
Brandz are one of few automotive wrapping specialists that can print bespoke vinyl roof wrapping in-house; giving you a truly unlimited amount of colours to choose from. So if you’re looking for a style, or a look that no one else has, Brandz can make it happen.

Add dramatic contrast with a vinyl roof wrap
If you want your car to stand out from the crowd and make if a step above the rest, vinyl roof wrapping is a perfect way to do just that. Choose any colour and any style. Whatever you’re looking for, Brandz has a solution to exceed your expectation.

Carbon fibre roof wraps
As well as Brandz been able to wrap the roof of your car in any colour you wish, we can even wrap your cars roof in carbon fibre for a dramatic contrast between the roof and the rest of your car. Want to find out more about our carbon fibre roof wrapping? See our carbon fibre wrapping page for more information and why you should choose us for any carbon fibre wrapping for your vehicle.

Protect the paintwork
The roof of you vehicle is often exposed to the worst that nature can throw at it. That’s why protecting your roof with a stylish vinyl wrap is a great idea and a robust investment too. Protect the roof of your car from tree sap, tar deposits, industrial fallout, bird droppings and more with a quality vinyl wrap from Brandz.

Easily removable
The great thing about any of our car wraps is they’re easily removable when you’re ready to sell or change the look of your car. Don’t worry, a vinyl wrap is more than secure enough to stay in place for years whether it’s exposed to harsh winters or scorching summers. However when you’re ready to remove the wrap, it comes off cleanly without any damage to your car or paint.

Find out more about our roof wrapping
For more information on our roof wrapping service included pricing and colours available, please contact Brandz on 0121 400 2972 or email us.