Complete and comprehensive protection for your car

Brandz can fully protect your car or vehicle from stone chips, scratches and environmental factors including tree sap, industrial fallout, bugs and more. Protecting your car or vehicle from the above dramatically reduces the wear and tear on the paintwork and can help to improve the residual value of your car for when you come to sell or hand the vehicle back to the dealership.

Protection against stone chips

Our paint protection film is highly effective at fending off stone chips and road deposits that can result in damage, scratching and marring of the paintwork. The protective film leaves you with the most pristine finish possible for your paintwork.

Clear and unobtrusive

Our stone chip protection film is completely clear and is invisible once applied to the car, so you can have complete protection without having to compromise on looks.

Bumpers, headlights, wing mirrors and more

Stone chip protection film Brandz can be applied to the front of your vehicle, as this is where almost all of paint wear and tear takes place. Protected areas on the car can include the front bumper, wing mirrors, headlights, bonnets, wings and more.

Protect your investment

Paint protection film and stone chip protection film can be highly beneficial if you lease or PCP your cars. Often money is taken off the final value of your car for paint damage. Our protection film can dramatically reduce damage to the paint and therefore improve the final value of your car or vehicle.

Find out more

Want to find out more about our paint protection and stone chip protection film? Contact Brandz now for pricing or more information on 0121 400 2972 or contact us.