Get your business on the road

Van graphics or a van wrap can be a great way to showcase and expose your business wherever you go. Display your logo, your products and services, contact details and more.

A van wrap is also a proven and highly effective way to generate new enquiries, sales and customers. Whenever you’re on a job or your van is parked outside, your van becomes a giant advertisement on wheels.

Stand out from the crowd

The beauty of using Brandz for your van wrap is we have state-of-the-art printing equipment allowing us to print any colour you wish. Select colours to fit your branding or opt for rich and vibrant colours perfect to help you get your van noticed on the road.

Protect your paintwork

Not only can wraps be a great way to promote your business, a van wrap will also protect your paintwork from the elements. Protect your van from tree sap, light scratches, tarmac and general weathering. Perfect if you wish to sell than van or hand the keys back at the end of your lease agreement. Your paintwork is fully protected and the van is in great condition for when you come to sell.

Brand your van

Want to brand your van? A wrap can even be a uniform for your vehicle! Showcase your logo, colour scheme and more with your very own branded van or commercial vehicle.

Find out more

Want to find out more about our van wraps? Call us on 0121 400 2972 or email us for more information.