Why A Car Wash Is Bad News For Your Car

October 9, 2013

Sales of new cars rose for the 18th consecutive month in August 2013, as British households continued to rediscover their love of spending and bask in a more vibrant economy. With used car sales also blooming, it is fair to surmise that consumers are keen to make up for lost time in the wake of the Great Recession.

Whether you choose to buy a new or used car, however, you are making an investment that must be given careful consideration. This principle applies even after you have purchased the vehicle, as you must take steps to protect your car and the financial commitment that you have made.

Things to consider

In terms of protecting your vehicle on a day to day basis, you must pay particular attention to carefully maintaining its paintwork and interior. While you may have your car washed regularly, for example, this could in fact damage your vehicle if you fail to invest in a high quality service provider. Consider the following risks that are associated with visiting a car wash: –

  • Scratched Paintwork: Whenever you wash you car at home, you can assume total control of the workmanship and cleaning methods used. The same cannot be said when you visit a car wash, however, and selecting a low cost outlet may compromise the overall quality of workmanship and attention to detail. This may lead to scratched or tarnished paintwork, which can be difficult and costly to repair. In addition to this, it is almost impossible to claim for compensation in this instance unless you can prove that the paintwork was not damaged prior to visiting the car wash.
  • Damage to your Car’s Interior: If you opt to have your car’s interior valeted, you are potentially placing the vehicle at even greater risk. Regardless of whether you have expensive leather seats or a more cost effective interior, a lack of care or attention can leave difficult to remove stains and in some instances torn upholstery. Once again, you are liable for any damage that is incurred by poor workmanship, especially if you are unprepared and leave your vehicle at the mercy of a questionable car washing firm.
  • The Risk of Theft or Vandalism: While an unreliable car washing service may cause damage to your vehicle, it would be unfair to suggest that such firms are also likely to employ thieves. It is important to remember that you are leaving your vehicle in the hands of strangers when you engage with these service providers, however, which in turn means that it may be left unattended on a forecourt for a sustained period of time. If the firm fail to fulfil their duty of care and secure your vehicle while it is waiting to be serviced, the car could easily be stolen or vandalised at your considerable cost.

The Last Word for Car Owners

So aside from cleaning your vehicle regularly and on an independent basis, what other steps can you take to avoid the perils of car washing? One of the best options may be to wrap your car, especially during periods when it is idle or in instances where you intend to sell it. This advanced vehicle wrapping serves to protect the paintwork of your vehicle from external threats, and it can simply be removed when it is no longer needed or the time comes for you to complete a sale.