Why Should You Get Your Car Wrapped?

August 28, 2013

Car wrapping is becoming increasingly more popular throughout both the consumer and commercial markets, supplying a solution to both branding and style.

Whether you’re a company looking to promote your business through branding your vehicle or a car owner with a vision to redefine your car’s look without committing to an expensive new paint job or new vehicle.

So, why should you get your car wrapped?

Everyone loves to have the latest clothes, trainers and technology; we live in an age where we are defined by our appearance, but sometimes remaining current is more then just a fortnightly haircut and can be a more substantial purchase.

Your car is a key component in defining your individual taste, whether it’s a cute Fiat 500 or a first-class BMW 5 Series, your vehicle is an extension of your personality and the colour an extension of your style.

There are a number of reasons why you should choose car wrapping as a solution: the price, quality and versatility.


Firstly, let’s talk about the quality. Car wrapping uses vinyl, a material which is durable enough to withstand harsh weather conditions and flexible enough to mould around the curves of some of the most detailed surfaces, including mirrors and accessories, ideal for more intricate body work.


Also, car wrapping offers a huge range of colours with a vast number of finishes which can’t be achieved with a simple spray paint solution, including camouflage, matt and patterned themes, as well as custom graphics which can be added to your vehicle, designed by you or a specialist.

Protection of paintwork

Moreover, vehicle wraps do not compromise the original paint work of your vehicle, allowing you to change colours and revert back to your original at any time, particularly useful when you want to sell your vehicle.

Fantastically versatile, car wrapping plays an even more substantial roll if you have a business with a fleet of vehicles that need branding, giving you an advertising solution with a one off payment and the ability to travel up and down the UK; even more effective then billboard advertising and other signage.

With a fleet of vehicles branded with a commercial vehicle wrap, your business is uniformed, smart and memorable, an important factor when a potential customer is looking to purchase from you or use your services; it spells trust and quality.

Car wrapping is an eye catching solution that lasts up to 10 years, but if you change your mind, you can be safe in the knowledge that the paint work underneath is un effected and that you can happily go from electric blue, to camouflage, to candy floss pink at any time.

The extreme versatility of car wrapping is its ultimate selling point, as stated at the start, people like to change styles regularly and buying a car which up stages your last every year or so can be a very expensive way to maintain your street cred. Car wrapping allows you to stay on top of style and provides the satisfaction of modifying your vehicle at an affordable price.