Why vehicle wrapping is ideal for drifters

February 13, 2014

Car wrapping and drifting go hand in hand, whether you’re drifting as a hobby or  professionally, wrapping your vehicle is an essential modification that allows you to replace small parts easily, replace a full wrap if its damaged and advertise if you’re are drifting on a professional level. Birmingham is one of the UK’s biggest drifting hotspots, with several locations dedicated to the sport, whether it’s on a professional or casual basis, so naturally Brandz is a popular choice amongst the drifting community. With our huge choice of colours, gloss and matte finishes and the ability to create completely unique designs with patterns or advertisements, cars built for drifting can be personalised with our custom approach to vehicle wrapping.

Why Wrap a Drifter?

As with all motorsport, you may wish to change your vehicle’s look each season, so vehicle wrapping is the ideal solution to changing your drifters design economically. Also, sponsors and advertisers may change each season; so again, using a vehicle wrap is the best solution to making an affordable change to your vehicle. Moreover, drifting can be a dangerous sport and accidents are almost expected when intentionally over steering at high speeds, so the occasional chip to paintwork or sometimes worse, such as a wing mirror coming off are regular occurrences.

Vehicle wrapping is the perfect solution for these kinds of issues; if damage is done to one part of your vehicle then you can individually wrap it to match and suit the rest of your car, perfect for when minor collisions are frequent. A popular wrap amongst drifting vehicles are our matte wraps. The reason these wraps are ideal for drifting vehicles is the substantial lack of glare they emit, making your vehicle’s car wrap all the more visible to the public and photographers, which is important when you are carrying advertisements and sponsor’s logos. One of the main reasons to wrap any vehicle is to protect the paint work underneath, a particularly useful trait with drift vehicles as they are prone to small chips from stones and gravel, allowing you to remove the wrap at the end of a season and leave the original paint work pristine. Vehicle wrapping is popular amongst all motorsport, not just drifting, as it is an affordable solution for vehicles that are frequently at risk of being involved in minor collisions, protecting the original paint work and allowing sponsors and advertisers to add their designs to vehicles with ease.

If you’re part of Birmingham’s thriving care culture then you will be no stranger to vehicle wrapping, so why not compliment your car with a stylish wrap designed and applied by tried and trusted manufacturers to ensure quality of the highest order. Brandz is home to dozens of vehicle wraps to suit any vehicle, whether it’s for professional purposes, for the aesthetics of a hobby car or for an economical solution to your everyday motor.